Studying Smart & Hard

At Jyot Academy, our students really study. We make sure they go the extra mile to learn and prove that they are the best. More »

Giving an examination becomes easy

While some take time to give exams, others finish first. At Jyot Academy our students have a track record for being successful no matter what. More »

Picnic at Jyot Academy

At Jyot Academy Education should be fun right?we strive to give our students a relaxing break when the time is right. More »

Jyot Academy celebrates a birthday

At Jyot Academy co-curricular activities are equally important. Some of our students will one day become great managers, entrepreneurs and perhaps great musicians! The next AR Rehman could be from Jyot Academy! More »

Jyot Academy Students

At Jyot Academy we strive to give our students a relaxing break when the time is right. Education should be fun right? More »

Celebrations at Jyot Academy

Sometimes after a lot of studying, it\'s time to play and have fun. More »

Making Friends at Jyot Academy

Competition is important but so is making friends. At Jyot Academy our students find common interests and make friends. More »

Jyot Academy Dinners

We and our students spend time outside the educational institute too. We have our a dinner out where we talk about everything except studying. This probably is what makes a big happy family. More »

At Jyot Academy you make Friends for Life

At Jyot Academy you make Friends for Life More »

Learning outside class

At Jyot Academy you learn from each other when you interact with fellow students and friends. You get to share interests, and learn a bit about each other and their passions. More »

Student Faculty Networking with Jyot Academy

Sharing stories between ex students, students and faculties allow a great deal of exchanging information and building a network that could help in the future. More »


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We are now on Android’s Google Play Store

Jyot Academy android app

Jyot Academy of Learning is now on Android’s Google Play Store.

Download the Jyot Academy of Learning application on your android device now!


  • Jyot Academy Website is now available on your android phone.
  • Once downloaded, there is no need for internet.
  • Information and easy contact details for Jyot Academy.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Get the latest messages for our users synced to your phone.

Coming Soon:

  • More photos and videos!
  • Access to Jyot Academy’s new Facebook & Twitter profile from the application !
  • Add-on paid mock Question Papers will be available for non-students of Jyot Academy soon.
  • Student will receive the premium / paid version of the application for free !