Shivam Parikh (Batch of 2002)

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I was always interested in computers, technology, gadgets, and co-curricular activities. I was never much of a study person and found myself having a hard time managing studying. Mr. Neel Shastri took me up almost as if I was his own younger brother . I remember I would go to his home to study and he would spend a lot of time with me and I was always given special attention. The odds were that I would never get through the twelfth grade but he worked with me tirelessly even when I felt like giving up. He never let me give up and kept me motivated. I got through the twelfth grade well – in a matter of only two months of studying, but had I spent more time and started earlier – I would have definitely done better. Thank you Jyot Academy. I am who  I am because of all of you. You will always be remembered.